What is a Browsery?

May 7, 2012 | Kelli

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When you walk into the North York Central Library, you may notice that the area just inside the main entrance is called the Browsery.  You may wonder, what is a Browsery?   Browsery is not a word you'll find in any dictionary.   We made it up to describe what we want people to do.....to browse the fantastic collection. 



The Browsery is a collection of recent fiction and non-fiction adult books and audiobooks as well as CDs and DVDs and magazines.  It gives a small taste of all the possible subjects that are available  in much more depth and breadth in the Subject Departments on the five floors above. 



The Browsery has a first-come, first-served mandate – no holds are allowed on the materials – which means that on most days you can find new and hot items on the shelves. This also means that most items can be renewed twice.  


Browsery 3

The Browsery has much more on the shelves than just the recent best-sellers and award winners.  The collection is sophisticated and varied and appealing to anyone looking for something new and interesting to read. 


Here are some recent and popular titles that can be found (if you visit at the right time) on the shelves of the Browsery:

Why men lie
Guilty wives
Before I go to sleep
Thinking fast and slow


The Toronto Reference Library also has a Browsery.  It is located on the main floor, behind the stage and past the Holds - near the recently renovated study area.