Automatic Returns now at North York Central

December 12, 2011 | Jane

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North York Central now has a Automatic Returns Sorter (picture below).  This big blue machine will be up and running on Tuesday, Dec. 13th.  It will work quietly (we hope) behind the scenes to make returning library material more efficent (you will get a receipt at the time of return) and we hope a whole lot of fun for everyone.

Library Staff will be on hand to help in the atrium where new returns slots are located.   There are two "automatic ones" plus a "old fashioned" drop slot for those in a hurry (picture below).

Staff at the Customer Service Desk can also take your returns during open hours and the Outside Drop Box is still available 24/7. 

Come and try it out soon!


CedarbraeSorterInside - Automatic Returns Sorter (this one is at Cedarbrae Public Library but ours is almost the same!)


Returns  - The old way and the new!