Room Booking Event at Richview Library

July 12, 2017 | Media Relations

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This statement is in response to concerns expressed about a third-party room rental booking at Richview library tonight: 

We have taken the concerns that have been raised very seriously, and have carefully assessed this situation from a legal, library and public perspective. We do not tolerate hate speech. However, we cannot deny bookings from the community that are in accordance with the law and the library’s policy and rules of conduct.

To deny access to library spaces on the basis of the views or opinions that individuals or groups have expressed in the past contravenes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the principles of intellectual freedom, both cornerstones of the library’s mission and values. We also respect the right to object and voice concerns.

This evening’s memorial event is an external third-party room booking and is not endorsed or sponsored by the Library, and is not in violation of the law. However, should the group act in a manner that is not consistent with the law or our rules of conduct, please be assured that we will take immediate action.