Most Popular E-Books of 2013 Available for Borrowing

December 19, 2013 | Media Relations

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TORONTO (December 19, 2013) – Toronto Public Library reached a new milestone in 2013, with more than two million downloads of e-books and e-magazines. The Library is adding popular and best-selling titles on a daily basis to respond to this rapidly growing demand. Interest in e-books is expected to grow even more over the holidays as people receive e-readers or tablets and have a little more time to catch up on their reading.

We’re taking this opportunity to remind readers of our e-book collection. Here’s a list of some of  2013's top-circulating e-books that are available to borrow:

Top 2013 Fiction E-Books

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Top 2013 Non-Fiction E-Books

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A full listing of Toronto Public Library's most popular e-books of 2013 is also available.

Customers who are new to e-books and need some assistance may contact our e-mail support or take advantage of the Book A Librarian service.  

The Toronto Public Library Board continues to advocate for improved access to e-content from all publishers, including new titles and fair pricing. Providing universal access for all library customers is particularly important given the rapidly growing demand for this content.

While e-books are experiencing significant growth, demand for traditional print materials remains strong. Of all materials borrowed from the library in the last year, approximately 6 per cent were e-titles.



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