International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 18, 2019 | Suzanne

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January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is an international memorial day that commemorates the tragedy of the Holocaust from the Second World War. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2005.  It designates January 27th as an annual International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust – observed with ceremonies and activities at United Nations Headquarters in New York and at UN offices around the world.

Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial
Attendees of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. Photo Credit: Toronto Star Archives 

If you would like to learn more about the Holocaust or Jewish History and Culture, you might be interested in visiting the Barbara Frum Library.  This library branch houses the Jewish Mosaic Collection.  This collection consists of English-language books (fiction, non-fiction, children's and teen), magazines and audio-visual material on the topic of Judaism and Jewish culture. Subjects such as anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, Jewish biographies, music, Kosher cooking and literature are covered. If you are interested in learning more about Judaism and Jewish culture, I encourage you to visit the Barbara Frum Library to explore this collection.

Here are some titles that may be of interest if you’d like to read more on this topic:

They were just people stories of rescue in Poland during the Holocaust

They Were Just People by Bill Tammeus and Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn.

Holocaust memory reframed 

Holocaust Memory Reframed by Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich.

A World Erased

A World Erased by Noah Lederman.

Former UN Secretary-General Bai Ki-Moon gave an inspiring message about this day back in 2008:

"The International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust is thus a day on which we must reassert our commitment to human rights. [...]

We must also go beyond remembrance, and make sure that new generations know this history. We must apply the lessons of the Holocaust to today’s world. And we must do our utmost so that all peoples may enjoy the protection and rights for which the United Nations stands."