Telugu at Your Library | లైబ్రరీలో తెలుగు

August 23, 2018 | Suzanne

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Welcome to the library! లైబ్రరీకి స్వాగతం!

Did you know that the Toronto Public Library carries over 700 materials in the Telugu language?  With a variety of materials available, let us help you find your next favourite book or movie in Telugu! You can find materials in Telugu at the Albion Branch and the Toronto Reference Library. If you cannot get to one of those branches – fear not! We can have your item sent to any location of the Toronto Public Library. You can place a hold at any of our 100 branches or right here on our website.

Library Card

Do you have a library card?  Get your free library card today to start borrowing materials in Telugu.

We can also make it easier for you to learn Telugu.  We have dual-language dictionaries that can be very useful whether you are translating or using them to learn Telugu.


English Telugu Pocket Dictionary    Telugu Dictionary and Phrasebook

Have you tried Mango Languages?  You can use it to learn Telugu and many other languages from India!

Mango Languages

Are you new to Canada?  Here is a page with information about the library in Telugu.

We hope you find what you are looking for if you are interested in learning Telugu. If you speak Telugu and are looking for Telugu books and movies, we hope you find those too!

Using The Library

Visit the Toronto Public Library today!  |  నేడు టోరోంటో పబ్లిక్ లైబ్రరీని సందర్శించండి!