Settlement Services in the Library are Here for You!

July 9, 2018 | Elsa

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Moving to a new country is a big task: it can be an exciting time, but involves much work and preparation. It's also a personal journey. I remember how my family spent a lot of time getting ready and a few weeks before we left, my late grandmother made sure I got my fill of delicious dim-sum. Every day, she took me out for dim-sum and ordered BBQ pork buns because that was my favourite. This is one of my beloved memories of my home country. What are your cherished memories?

When you move to a big city like Toronto, it is easy to feel a bit lost. To help newcomers get to know their library better, Toronto Public Library offers library information in 40 languages, which sums up the resources and services for newcomers. One of the services offered is the Library Settlement Partnerships (LSP) program.

LSP Service

LSP is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Helpful settlement workers from seven local settlement agencies provide information referrals and programs for newcomers at 14 library branches:







Flemingdon Park

Lillian H. Smith

Mimico Centennial


Parliament Street



Toronto Reference Library 

LSPTo learn more about LSP, check out the Settling in Toronto page and the New to Canada Blog

While visiting a LSP location, newcomers can have their settlement questions answered and also register for a free library card. Toronto Public Library offers free resources and services, including materials in 40 languages, ESL information, online tools and more. Check out the New to Canada page for more details. 

This summer, additional settlement help will be provided by 15 branch locations through the Settlement and Education Partnerships in Toronto (SEPT). The SEPT locations this year are: 

Barbara Frum

Black Creek

Burrows Hall



Deer Park


Goldhawk Park

Humber Summit



Maria A. Shchuka

Pleasant View


York Woods

A total of 29 library branches will be offering settlement services this summer. Please stop by any of the LSP and SEPT locations for settlement support. We are here, happy to help!