Kim's Convenience in the Stacks

April 6, 2018 | Suzanne

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Kim's Convenience

Kim’s Convenience is a show that has delighted Canadian audiences since it started in October 2016. If you haven’t had the chance to tune in, the show follows a Korean Canadian family based right here in Toronto! Mr. Kim is a first-generation Canadian and the proud owner of Kim's Convenience, a variety store located in the heart of downtown Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood.

Did you know the television show began as a screenplay written by Ins Choi? If you want to read the story that started it all, why not order a copy from the Toronto Public Library? The library’s edition includes an eight-page photo insert of the original Fringe Festival and Soulpepper Theatre Company production.

Kims Convenience by Ins Choi

It is so exciting to see a Korean Canadian family in leading roles on a National television series. Since 2017, the show has won six Canadian Screen Awards for everything from Best Comedy Series to Best Actor for Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who plays Mr. Kim.

I love this quote from Paul after he won his 2018 Canadian Screen Award:

Representation matters because when communities and people see themselves reflected up on the screen, it is an inspiring and very powerful moment for them.”

I couldn’t agree more! It is an exciting time for Canadian film and television, as TV shows and movies are starting to become more representative of our communities.

Want to catch a season you’ve missed? The library has copies available for you to borrow:

Complete First Season of Kims Convenience    Complete Second Season of Kims Convenience

I have enjoyed the show so much that I’ve done a little detective work on the actors too. My super sleuthing led me to discover that Jean Yoon, who plays Umma, is also a published writer, poet and playwright!

If you’re a super fan you may already know this, but I was very excited to find two of Jean’s publications in the Toronto Public Library catalogue! You’ll have to visit the Toronto Reference Library’s closed stacks to get a glimpse of her works: The Yoko Ono Project and The Kyopo Trilogy: Part 1 & 2: Sliding for Home & Borders.

Last month, the cast of Kim's Convenience took to social media to announce the exciting news that there would be a Season 3 of the show. I can’t wait, and in the meantime I’ll be re-watching the show, reading the screenplay, and getting the popcorn ready!