Your Library in Russian | Русская коллекция в нашей библиотеке

March 18, 2015 | Maria Samurin

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The Toronto Public Library (Публичная Библиотека Торонто) has a lot of great Russian books, movies, music, and more. To borrow library materials, you need to get a library card. It's free! New to Canada? Join the library! It's free. НЕДАВНО В КАНАДЕ? Запишитесь в библиотеку (PDF). Это бесплатно! The following...

After School Youth Hubs

March 4, 2015 | Elsa

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The After School Newcomer Hub is now called Youth Hubs. The Centennial Youth Hub and the Sanderson Youth Hub welcome newcomer teens (all teens as well) in grades 7-10 for free homework help and a place to hang out with friends after school. Both Hubs run 3 times a week...