Toronto International Film Festival: Exploring the World in Movies

September 5, 2012 | Melanie

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The stars are shining in Toronto!

Every year in September, Toronto hosts an international film festival that brings movie lovers to the city from all places all over the world.

From India to Argentina, and Egypt to France, TIFF will showcase films from around the world. Movie goers can watch movies in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, French, Hindi, Spanish and Tagalog.

The Toronto International Film Festival was originally founded in 1976 and you'll be happy to know that the Toronto Public Library carries many of the TIFF's past selections including Slumdog Millionaire, Precious and Hotel Rwanda.

Did you also know that you can search the Toronto Public Library catalogue for movies in your language? Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Advanced" (located right beside the Search button on the top right hand of your screen)
  3. In the "Type" field on the left hand side of your screen, click on "Movies and Videos"
  4. In the "Language" field on the bottom left hand side of your screen, click on your language of choice .
  5. Click "Search"

Interested in watching more of the multicultural movies that Toronto Public Library has to offer? Check out this recommended list of multicultural films or start with some of my personal favourites below:

City of God     Maria Full of Grace     Amelie     Altiplano

What's your favourite multicultural film?