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March 1, 2012 | Janice

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Learning Express Library is a great resource you can find on the Library website.  It offers you tests so that you can practice preparing for your next steps in life. The online tests score your answers, tell you which were correct or incorrect and then give you the correct answers, so that you can do better next time.      

Are you improving your English ?  There is a TOIEC test here (Test of International English for Communication) and there is a TOEFL test, so you can practice taking the test. 

Are you planning to become a Canadian citizen ? There is a Canadian Citizenship test that will help you learn about Canada and prepare for your test.

You may have a profession or career that you followed in your home country and you want to qualify in Canada. Or, you may want to start a new career and learn more about it.  The Jobs & Careers tests may help you to do that.  There are tests for:

  • nurses and other health fields like radiology technicians, veterinary technicians, dental assistants
  • firefighters, police officers including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Aptitude test
  • real estate brokers and sales
  • postal workers
  • electricians, plumbers and much more

All you need to explore Learning Express Library is your library card !