Joyful Citizenship Ceremony at the Library

November 7, 2011 | Janice

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The Toronto Reference Library hosted a Citizenship Ceremony on Friday, October 21.  Sixty candidates and their friends and family came, up to two hours early, to share in the excitement of becoming Canadian citizens.  The ceremony was held in the beautiful atrium of the Library, where library patrons and staff could enjoy watching the ceremony. 


After the ceremony, there was a reception with a spectacular cake made by a talented staff person.


People took pictures of each other with Citizenship Judge Patricia Phenix and the RCMP Mounted Police Officer, in his full dress uniform while they enjoyed the cake.

Many onlookers told the staff that the ceremony brought back happy memories of their own Citizenship ceremonies, while others told us that they were delighted to witness such a ceremony for the first time.  Lots of people told us that it was a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to be Canadians!