English Conversation Circles at Toronto Public Libraries

October 28, 2011 | Debby

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English Conversation Circles at the Toronto Public Library are great opportunities for those seeking to practise their English conversational skills. Participants from beginner to experienced are present to improve, help, and interact with one another by practising English phrases, making new friends, focusing on particular topics, and simply learning about the library.

These programs are available at many branches throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Locate a branch near you! Note that *you must be at least 18 years of age and have landed immigrant or refugee status to participate.

Flemingdon Park Library is one such branch that hosts a successful English Conversation Circle. The coordinator of this program had agreed to share their thoughts and experiences with me through the following:

“We host a full house of eager participants each class. The newcomers love
the welcoming and supportive environment and feel at ease when sharing
exciting stories and practising the English language.”

The participants gain a great deal by being a part of a positive and encouraging environment, “the program helps in building their vocabulary, strengthening their confidence and allowing their enthusiasm to shine.”

English conversation circle at the Flemingdon Park Library[Photo Credit: Staff @ Flemingdon Park Library]
This photo depicts an evening of conversation with the participants of the Conversation Circle.

“Many of them are excited and eager to start their life in Canada and
appreciate having an environment where they can openly discuss and
learn about assimilating into the Canadian culture."

Branches throughout the library system may run the English Conversation Circle differently, either by incorporating a different aspect or skill such as a handicraft into the program, by focusing on a different theme or career-specific area such as business professionals, or even by age group. Despite all these differences, the goals and intentions of the program are all the same and participants all enjoy the real interactions with one another.

English conversation circle group at Flemingdon Park Library[Photo Credit: Staff @ Flemingdon Park Library]
Flemingdon Park Library's participants of the English Conversation Circle.

“In addition, the Question & Answer period at the end of each class
allows participants to share their experience as newcomers and
develop connections with others in the program.”

I am told that this program is one of Flemingdon Park Library’s most popular adult program! English Conversation Circles run year round and can be found at most library branches. Thank you to the Flemingdon Park Library's English Conversation Circle for allowing me to share their success with all our readers!

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