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A Game of Thrones

June 22, 2011 | Lorna | Comments (0)

Game of thronesA Game of Thrones, the first book in George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, has spawned a tv show, several graphic novels, a fantasy role-playing game, and an on-line game. It's a good sign when a novel gives rise to fiction in other forms; it means that the readers liked the people, enjoyed the imaginary universe, and want to go back there again. The HBO tv series made The Game of Thrones the best known of Martin's many popular creations, and has increased interest in Martin's series.




Hedgeknightcover The two-part graphic novel, The Hedge Knight, tells the story of a minor knight, not a major player, in The Game of Thrones. The story is set in Westeros, Martin's imaginary universe in  A Game of Thrones, and reminds the readers that all minor characters have their own voices and their own stories to tell.






A Game of Thrones (Role-Playing Game)The fantasy role-playing game based on the original novel was published before the television series was made. It gives extra information about the world of Westeros, the society, religion and noble families which play out the game of thrones. The creation of their own characters gives players a worm's-eye view of life in a quasi-medieval society.





Another game, The Maester's Path, is an on-line game accessible at   Players are trying to earn the chain of five metal links which identifies them as maesters, men of knowledge and good character who advise the noble families of Westeros.

Dancewithdragonscover A Dance With Dragons, the long-awaited next book in the series, will be published in the middle of July. I'm looking forward to reading it.



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