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October 2014

The Paradox Trilogy by Rachel Bach

October 29, 2014 | Kim | Comments (0)

Fortune's pawnFans of military science fiction can rejoice; there's a new writer joining the ranks of David Weber and Elizabeth Moon.

Fortune's Pawn introduces us to Deviana (Devi) Morris, a mercenary from the planet Paradox. The only things preventing Devi from tipping over from the huge chip on her shoulder are her lovingly described battle suit, which she has named the Lady Grey, and her outstanding combat skills.

Devi takes a job on a decrepit tramp freighter, but begins to wonder what exactly is going on; nothing is what it seems to be, not the ship, and certainly not the crew. The second novel, Honor's Knight reveals the truth behind the mysteries, and introduces some additional twists and the third; Heaven's Queen wraps up the invigorating action in a satisfying conclusion.

The writing is tight, the action never lags and the characters are engaging. The darkness of some of themes is lightened by Bach's dry sense of humour.

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