Stream Some Noise - The Love Song Edition

February 2, 2018 | Mike

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Where would popular music be without the love song? Not that there is only one kind of love song - they range from chronicling first kisses, everlasting love, break-ups, cheating exes and everything in between. The love song is so incredibly versatile, which is perhaps why it endures as a popular topic in music. There is a love song for whatever romantic situation you find yourself in as Valentine's Day approaches and hopefully one of the songs from our February playlist will fit your current relationship status.

While pondering the love song and listening to our February playlist, I can't help but think of the wonderful High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (and the excellent movie adaptation). Near the beginning of the book, the music-obsessed Rob has just been dumped by his girlfriend and is wondering what a lifetime of listening to love songs has done to his psyche. I won't say if he finds an answer to that question, but I will strongly recommend reading the book while listening to this playlist.

Songs from the playlist can be found on We are the Halluci Nation by A Tribe Called Red, Morning After by dvsn, Future Politics by Austra and Northern Lights by Zeds Dead.

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