Stream Some Noise: Songs I Almost Missed in 2017

December 13, 2017 | Michael

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Year-end lists are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love reading them, debating them and, yes, I have been known to create them. Yes, they tend to have a formula - most filled with consensus picks with a couple of esoteric options to try and establish some sense of credibility or authority - but it's a great way to stockpile a list of TV, movies and music to consume during the long, dreary winter months.

These lists also seem to come out earlier each year as writers try to be first to proclaim the year's best, so this playlist is filled with songs from 2017 that I would have missed were it not for year-end lists.

Songs from this playlist can be found on Watershed by Amelia Curran, Celebrate the Struggle by Quake Matthews, The Siren's Song by Kacy & Clayton (also on Hoopla), Colter Wall by Colter Wall, Life After Youth by Land of Talk, Times Infinity Volume 2 by The Dears and Any Other Way by Jackie Shane.