Before the 6ix - a discussion about Toronto's early hip-hop and rap

December 22, 2017 | lfeesey

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Before the 6ix

Conversations on Toronto's historical hip-hop scene and classic rap albums. Moderated by Polaris Music Prize juror Del Cowie.

Mon Feb 12, 2018
7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Toronto Reference Library
Hinton Learning Theatre 3rd floor

6ix refers to the six municipalities - Toronto, Scarborough, North York, York, and East York - that made up Metro Toronto before 1998. Then the Government of Ontario amalgamated them all into one big city, Toronto. 

If you are interested in the storied history of rap and hip-hop, check out these books: 

F treeHip hop family tree - a graphic history in 4 volumes 

by Ed Piskor, author and illustrator 2013-16

The early history of American hip-hop is all here in these vibrantly illustrated graphic novels: the lore, the myths and the people who took hip-hop from block parties to stadiums. 

 V1. 1970s-1981,  V2. 1981-1983 , V3. 1983-1984,  V4. 1984-1985



GangstasOriginal gangstas: the untold story of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, and the birth of West Coast rap

by Ben Westhoff 2016

 "Raw, authoritative, and unflinching ... An elaborately detailed, darkly surprising, definitive history of the LA gangsta rap era."---Kirkus, starred review. 



Chuck d

Chuck D presents this day in rap and hip-hop history

by Chuck D. 2017, photos and text

Based onChuck D.'s show on This illustrated history starts in 1973 and digs into the stories around the seminal moments, people and recording of rap legend. 

AND if you want to know more about Toronto's hip hop scene in 2017, watch:  6ix Rising

by Noisey

Thoroughly entertaining and revealing. Featuring Jazz Cartier, Jimmy Prime, Pressa, and more. These Toronto rappers are open, honest and funny about how it is near impossible to break out onto the international scene. And as you will see, they are trying.