Music in Toronto: Plazas and Plaza

May 31, 2017 | lfeesey

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Why are these two artists so little known in Toronto? 

From Vancouver to Toronto; recent transplant PLAZAS has only played a few gigs here but she was a regular on the Vancouver music scene. Plazas is Savana Salloum-Hedgecock. She produces dark-toned electro-pop with a wall of intersecting synth rhythms that her ethereal voice floats above. The name PLAZAS refers to the concept of open space and time. It holds her themes of loss, possibility and autonomy. Her open sonic landscape allows her to range through the possible sounds of the 


Listen to all the music on her two EPs- Internal (2015) and Empathy (2016)

The cover of Empathy EP that includes the single Silent Empire. 


Watch Plazas' video 2 Leave U Behind (Live at the Lido) directed by David Ehrenreich.


PLAZA deliberately cultivates a unknown presence in the city. He is in no hurry to reveal who he is. For now getting his music out is enough. He is biding his time and enjoying Toronto’s night life in anonymity.


In early 2017, he released Personal, the first single from his next EP. It reveals an evolution from his first EP One. It is more experimental and technically complex, but it is still very much that smooth and hazy Plaza sound. Like the Toronto Sound popularized by Drake and the Weeknd, it is defined by a Hip-Hop inflected R&B. In Plaza’s version, a moody past midnight vibe supports some pretty rough, edgy lyrics.

Listen to everything on his SoundCloud page. *language warning*

AND Read his timely interview with VICE