Jahkoy: From Toronto to L.A.

April 24, 2017 | lfeesey

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Toronto native Jahkoy began his creating his music here and once even collaborated with the Weeknd. Like the Weeknd, he creates soulful music with a strong hip-hop inflection. After bouncing around the southern states for the last year or so, he settled in L.A. where he signed with Def Jam to produce his first EP Foreign Water. The title refers to that unknowable something about Toronto that is producing its great music.

Foreign water EP

Jahkoy - Foreign Water EP on Sound Cloud

Jahkoy attended Brebeuf College School, an all boy’s Jesuit high school in Willowdale. Maybe that explains his earliest and strongest influence, the word-crafting of William Shakespeare. His parents hoped he would follow an academic path, but he chose music instead.

It was Soundcloud page that got him noticed. Tracks like Odd Future, Smile and Still in Love drew fans to his music early on.

Early Jahkoy on Sound Cloud

With his career on the upswing, and his creativity flowJAHKOY - Still In Love (Official Music Video)ing, he says, “I would love to collaborate sooner or later with Rihanna.” Just like another Drizzy Torontonian.

More information on Jahkoy at cbc.ca/music http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/jahkoy-toronto-1.4055874