Ear Candy: Pkew Pkew Pkew

February 13, 2017 | Mike

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Pkew-Pkew-PkewAs Toronto hits peak winter doldrums, sometimes I need a jolt of energy to get me motivated to do, well, just about anything. Lately, that burst has come from local punk band Pkew Pkew Pkew. Their self-titled, quasi-sophomore release (three songs from their debut were re-recorded for this album) is full of fast, fun and melodic punk rock that will wake you up and kick out the winter blues. The music of Pkew Pkew Pkew is party-punk, both in terms of their song subjects (mainly drinking and partying) and the break-neck pace of their songs. A good comparison is PUP, as both bands feature songs with a lot of catchy and anthemic group vocals. (Fun fact: both bands are on Royal Mountain Records!)

Pkew Pkew Pkew is clearly not a band that takes their music too seriously. For instance, the song "Let's Order a Pizza" is followed by "Before We Go Out Drinking." This is an album full of frivolity and hijinks that would be a great soundtrack to a summer road trip. Given all the gloom and doom that has cast a shadow on the year so far, it's nice to unwind with songs about the perils of skateboarding in your mid-20s.

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