Portraits of John and Elizabeth Simcoe

August 2, 2018 | Ann

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Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe

Celebrating August's Civic Holiday would not be complete without crediting John Graves Simcoe, the first-lieutenant governor of Upper Canada, and his loving companion, author and illustrator Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe. Before her birth, pain, tragedy, and sacrifice marked the start of her life. Despite the struggles of growing up without her parents, her aunt Margaret Gwillim succeeded in raising an intelligent and strong lady.

Below are a images related to Elizabeth and John Simcoe from Toronto Public Library's Digital Archive.

 Costumed as John Graves Simcoe, Michael Stevenson discusses role with Maureen Patterson, Simcoe's wife Elizabeth during Simcoe Day in 1976 at Todmorden Mills

The couple was portrayed by Michael Stevenson and Maureen Patterson at Todmorden Mills in 1977.

Joe Cote (alias CBC radio announcer) clad in breeches and a plumed hat  John Graves Simcoe

This is another handsome rendition of John Graves Simcoe in 1985 played by CBC's radio announcer Joe Cote from Metro Morning (1979-1992).

Joe Cote and Maureen Sandler donating blood as John Graves Simcoe and Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe

John Graves Simcoe will never be forgotten for his heroic deeds and neither should Joe Cote as John Graves Simcoe and Kathleen Sandler as Elizabeth Simcoe who are seen above donating their blood for a worthy cause.

Queenston in 1792  View from Vrooman's Point (Niagara-on-the-Lake  Ontario)

Elizabeth Simcoe's pen and ink drawings were often modified with water colours by other artists, including this brilliant painting of Queenston in 1792 which Owen Staples enhanced with more colour vibrancy.

Residence of Sir D.W. Smith  Niagara-on-the-Lake  Ontario  1794

Owen Staples likely based this painting on a work by Elizabeth Simcoe of the Residence of Sir D.W. Smith at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario in 1794.

Credit River by Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe in 1796

This is a plate rendition of of her original painting of the Credit River in 1796 which is marvelous in its simplicity.

Canise or Great Sail  an Ojibwa Chief

Along with raw landscapes like the ones above, Elizabeth Simcoe also sketched human portraits including this Ojibwa Chief, Great Sail.

The King's Head Inn from the North-West Burlington Bay (Hamilton  Ontario)

The King's Head Inn from the northwest Burlington Bay was a tranquil scene as depicted by Elizabeth Simcoe and enhanced once again by Owen Staples.



Enjoy this last summer long weekend and take in all the warm and welcome scenes that Ontario has to offer. Perhaps catch a glimpse of what Elizabeth Simcoe has seen in her own journeys centuries ago.