Adoption Records

Getting Started

This guide has had minor revisions January 2014 and August 2015.

With recent changes in provincial legislation across Canada, it is now possible for adoptees to often obtain health related information, adoption orders and even their own birth information form.  They can also register that they do, or do not, wish to be contacted by their birth parents.  Similarly, birth parents can register their wishes about being contacted.  If these avenues are insufficient or for more general resources on searching for lost kin, including high school yearbooks, the genealogical collections at the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Toronto Reference Library can be of assistance.


Searching the library website

Suggested subject and keywords:

  Suggested Titles

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Using online resources

Alberta adoptions

British Columbia adoptions and reunion registries

New Brunswick post-adoption disclosure services

Origins Canada

Mouvement Retrouvailles

Ontario adoption search

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

Parent Finders Ottawa

Toronto Star: Historical Newspaper Archive  (Toronto Public Library (TPL) card required)

Globe and Mail: Historical Newspaper Archive (TPL library card required)


In Library resources

Ancestry Library Edition database has Ontario births (to 1913), marriages (to 1928), and deaths (to 1938) as well as some databases for other provinces.


Additional resources:

 The Ontario Genealogical Society deposit library collection is housed at the Toronto Reference Library, Humanities and Social Sciences Department.

For further assistance contact

Answerline: 416-393-7131

Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Toronto Reference Library, 416-393-7175