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August 2015

Battle of the Branches - Pokémon Edition

August 28, 2015 | Jennifer | Comments (0)

Pokemon Logo

If you went to school in the 90’s, you would remember that almost every child went through a Pokémon, Tamagotchi or Pogs craze. Even though some of these fads have faded, Pikachu remains a common household word. Pokémon continues to capture the attention of many kids and adults today. 

Some of our readers might remember that Pokémon was recently in the news. Indeed, the Pokémon World Championships 2015 and the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships were just held this past weekend in Boston, Massachusetts.

Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs
A Pokémon Game for Nintendo DS

In honour of the world championships and the many Pokémon cards collected by children across Toronto, Deer Park and Northern District branches will host a Pokémon tournament for avid fans. The top three winners of Northern District Branch's in-house tournament will face the top three of Deer Park Branch's.

The tournament will be aimed at kids and teens aged 6-14 years of age. All participants must bring their own Pokémon decks.

Northern District Branch's in-house tournament will be held on Wednesday September 2nd from 2-3 pm. This tournament will be mediated by Mind Games Café.

Deer Park Branch's in-house tournament will be held on Wednesday September 2nd from 3:30-5 pm. This tournament will be mediated by 401 Games.

The final showdown will be held on Wednesday September 9th from 5-6 pm at Northern District Branch. Anyone is welcome to come out and watch the epicness unfold! Who shall be crowned Pokémaster of all?!

Pokémon party and kids playing
Pokémon fans at a TD Summer Reading Club Program, Northern District Branch

Remember that Toronto Public Library has many graphic books, comics, and manga. From Pokémon to Yu Gi Oh to Cardcaptor Sakura, you can revisit your childhood or discover a whole new world at your local branch!

Blog post provided by Northern District Branch

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