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May 2013

Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market are back!

May 31, 2013 | Cat | Comments (0)

Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market kicked off this past Sunday May 27th and will continue until the end of October! 

2013 Pedestrian Sundays dates:

Sunday May 26th, June 30th, July 28th, August 25th, September 29th and October 27th, 2013

From 12 to 7pm throughout the market, and until 10pm on north block of Augusta

I can't believe that this is the 10th season of Pedestrian Sundays! With the Lillian H Smith branch so close to the market I always tend to stroll through before work and love showing off the market to visiting friends and family. Pedestrian Sundays are extra special with some of the city's most creative street performers and local restaurants and shops buzzing with activity.

Both Sanderson and Lillian H. Smith feature historical material about Kensington Market in their local history section, so if you're interested in learning more about the market you love, check out these great titles:

B_kensington   Kensington_cover

Check out more TPL material on the historical Kensington Market here.

You can always connect with PSKensington online to find out further details!

Lillian H Smith's 3rd Out of This World Booksale

May 28, 2013 | Tony | Comments (0)

Bksl2013draft3Lillian H Smith is having it's third Out of This World Booksale.  Previous events have been very popular and this years is going to be just as memorable.

It started out as a Science Fiction and Fantasy booksale and it still is for the most part, but this year we are adding some mainstream books.  So if your friends don't care for Speculative Fiction bring them anyway.

We're also expanding from one large room to two.  We will have more graphic books than ever before, including Manga.

While many of our books are former library books, more are donations that we couldn't take or already had.  Many of these are in very good condition and are not marked.

The booksale will be from 10:00 - 3:00 on Saturday June 22nd 2013 C.E. at Lillian H Smith Library.  239 College St. (1 Block east of Spadina) Toronto, ON.

Bring bags, or better still buy one of ours!

Jackson Pollock

May 22, 2013 | Tony | Comments (0)

No5,1948Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) was an interesting figure in the art world and a major force in the Abstract Expressionist movement.  Most people would know him for his "drip painting" technique that made him famous in the late 1940's.  Hollywood even made a film about his life starring Ed Harris in 2000.  I haven't seen the Ed Harris portrayal of Pollock but I did see a documentary titled "Who The #$&% is Jackson Pollock."  It was an amusing tale of a retired trucker named Teri Horton who buys a painting in a thrift shop for $5 and who later believes it to be an original Pollock.  Its an interesting look into the art world as it focuses on her struggle to get it authenticated.  I'm not a huge fan of abstract expressionism, but there's no doubt he was an influential figure in art.  If you're feeling inspired to create some art on your own, we have a program coming up at our branch that may be of interest to you called Oil Pastels for Beginners.  The instructor Asha will be teaching it in the style of Jackson Pollock (he also worked with oil pastels).  Please call the branch to register at 416-393-7746.  Spaces are limited.  In the mean time, if you want to learn more about this famous artist, check out our catalogue here.      

Image above: Jackson Pollock No. 5, 1948




What are you doing this long weekend? Come check out these free events happening at Lillian Smith!

May 15, 2013 | Cat | Comments (0)

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month

this May long weekend! 


We have two great programs ready to go this Saturday May 18th starting at 11 am!

From 11am - noon we are featuring A Taste of the Dragon Boat Festival: Food demonstration and tasting, a Cooking Demo & Tasting with Shirley Lum!  Culinary historian and tour guide, Shirley Lum of A Taste of the World Walks will share lore and legends behind the long paddle boats, a dead poet and the delicious sticky rice dumplings, a.k.a Zong Zi. During this session, she will also shed light on how you make the savoury and sweet dumplings, then participants get a chance to make one to take home as well as try a sampling of dumplings pre-made by Shirley. 

    Afterwards at noon there is the Henna Workshop for Teens  where teens between the ages 12 and 18 can learn the art of Henna from an expert and get a sample design!  We are lucky to have artist Henna by Fia lead a workshop on the history and science of Henna.  See you there!

Space is limited for both events so please call our branch at 416-393-7746 to register.


Playoff Fever

May 8, 2013 | Tony | Comments (0)


We recently put out a Maple Leaf hockey display to celebrate the team's appearance in this year's playoffs.  The display was mounted in the front window in the College/Huron corner of the branch.  "We plan to keep the display up as our Maple Leafs push through the 2013 playoffs race," says Neil.  Let's hope it'll last beyond this week, if not there's always next year.

With thanks to Laurel and Neil.

Starting an Etsy business for the crafty

May 8, 2013 | Cat | Comments (0)

Lately I've come across a few new e-commerce books we have in our collection here at Lillian helping crafters, artisans and designers sell their designs online.  Online e-commerce site is one of my favourite places to find both local and unique gifts, jewelery, clothing and other handmade gems.  If you're a crafter or designer and you're interested in selling your items online, check out these great books to help you develop a successful shop and online presence (we even have the e-book versions too!).  Whether you're just starting out and want to turn your hobby into a business or want to learn how to run a full-time business on Etsy, these books will help you imagine the global possibilities for marketing and selling your wares!

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