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January 2012

Silk Screening Workshop for Teens

January 26, 2012 | Tony | Comments (0)

Silk-Screen Printing MaterialsI've been playing on a softball team for several years now and in our very first year we all decided that we needed jerseys for the team.  We wanted something that looked good but fit within our budget.  I personally wanted stitched on lettering/numbering but it would've been too expensive.  The sales rep suggested silk screening and I remember thinking to myself "we need these things to last for awhile".  When I voiced some concern, he assured me that "this ain't no silk screening from the 70's".  Indeed he was right, because they still look good.  

Silk screening has been around for centuries and it's a fairly easy technique to learn.  During the March Break, artist Rob Matejka will be dropping by Lillian Smith to show teens how to silk screen and create their very own art.  I attended one of his workshops last year and it was pretty cool.   Youth were able to silk screen designs on reusable bags and take home their creations.   He's even been featured in the Toronto Star.  So if you've been curious as to how it's done or just want to try it out for yourself, please register in person or call 416-393-7746.  Ages 10-18 and spaces are limited.  Can't make it or not a teen?  Check out the catalogue to learn more. 

Six reasons why I ♥ my eBook reader

January 20, 2012 | Sarah | Comments (4)

I'm late to the game of eBooks and eAudiobooks, but ever since acquiring an e-reader at the beginning of December, I'm a full-fledged convert.  Why do I love my eBook reader?  Well, here are six reasons why:

1. Simplicity.  The technology is not too hard to figure out, even for a relative luddite like me.  There are lots of instructions out there, and you can find something tailored to the way you learn.  See library step-by-step guides, attend a class, or Book A Librarian to get started.

2. Free books!  You can borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks from the library, of course, but there are also sites where you can download books for free.  I've found classic titles at Project Gutenberg.  Now that War and Peace is sitting on my e-reader instead of gathering dust on a shelf, maybe I'll actually get through it!

3. Music.  Most e-readers have a headphone jack, so you can fully retreat into a world of text and tunes, whether you're on the subway or on the couch.

4. Wireless.  There are pros and cons to having wireless access on your e-reader.  It can be a distraction, but come on, haven't you always wanted to see what Facebook looks like in black and white?

5. Weightlessness.  Well, the eBook reader isn't weightless, but all your digital books are!  We are talking the equivalent of thousands of pounds of information, magically stored in a device that's about half the weight of an average paperback book.

6. Art masterpieces.  When you're finished reading, you can get in touch with your inner artist.  The results may not be worthy of David Hockney, but it's still fun to try!


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