New & Noteworthy Picture Books: October 2023

October 12, 2023 | Pat

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We're dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections! October is a month to celebrate the shift into the cooler seasons and the warmth of family and friends. Here are some picture books that will be hitting shelves soon. 


I Will Read to You

I Will Read to You by Gideon Sterer and Charles Santoso (ages 4-8)

Everyone loves to be read a good story, right? But what if you're a ghoulish goblin? Or a spooky witch? They deserve stories too! Enjoy this spooky and sweet rhyming tale with your favourite little monster.


Joy Takes Root

Joy Takes Root by Gwendolyn Wallace and Ashleigh Corrin (ages 4-8)  

"In her grandmother's garden, a young Black girl learns about mindfulness and herbal medicine in this soothing intergenerational story about our connection to nature."


One More Jar of Jam

One More Jar of Jam by Michelle Sumovich and Gracey Zhang (ages 4-8)

"If you ever have a mulberry tree, you'll learn/ there's nowhere sweeter to sit/ than on branches heavy with warm berries." Celebrate the changing seasons and the comfort of family against the backdrop of this melodic story. Canadian illustrator.


Theme in Yellow

Theme in Yellow by Carl Sandburg and Tatyana Feeney (ages 3-5)

In Tatyana Feeney's beautifully colour-illustrated adaptation of Carl Sandburg's beloved poem, children delight in the sensory arrival of autumn. 


Witch and Wombat

Witch & Wombat by Ashley Belote (ages 3-7)

When Wilma winds up with a wombat instead of a cat as a pet, she's intent on making him as cat-like as possible. But maybe a wombat is exactly what she needs! Filled with laugh-out-loud wombat antics and facts, this is a delightful story of unexpected friendship and embracing our differences. 


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