New & Noteworthy Picture Books: August 2023

August 9, 2023 | Pat

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We're dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections! Here are some picture books that will be hitting shelves soon. Read them with your child and track them using the free app Beanstack. Earn badges, try fun challenges for all ages and explore our Summer Wonder and TD Summer Reading Club programs.


Are We There Yet

Are We There Yet? by Sven Völker

A butterfly announces that she is going on a great journey and invites a bear to come along. It turns out to be a very long journey. Anxious to know how they are getting on, the bear is nevertheless coaxed to push on by the intrepid butterfly.


Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem by Linda Liu

A smooth grey rock tumbles and stumbles upon a rock museum. It's not only a museum about rocks. It's also for rocks. Inside visiting rocks are looking at rocks on display and the grey rock starts to feel a little plain compared to some of the iridescent marvels on display. 


If You Get Lost

If You Get Lost by Nikki Loftin and Deborah Marcero

A stuffed toy bunny falls out of the car during a family road trip. It's a little frightening being on one's own in the wild, but the local wildlife are friendly and hospitable.


Penny & Pip

Penny & Pip by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

A dinosaur egg hatches before Penny's eyes at a museum, and the hatchling follows her around. So she names it Pip and forms a plan. There aren't a lot of stories about children attempting museum heists. 


Roll Roll Little Pea

Roll Roll Little Pea by Cécile Bergame and Magali Attiogbé

This book is part On Top of Spaghetti, part Gingerbread Man. A pea escapes from a girl's fingers and rolls past various animals who want to consume it in different ways. Each animal uses a distinctive verb to describe just how. Will the pea be tasted, crunched or devoured? Who will be the lucky recipient to savour victory? And will they like it?  


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