New and Noteworthy Picture Books: July 2023

July 5, 2023 | Pat

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We're dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections! Here are some picture books that will be hitting shelves soon. 

Cake vs Pie

Cake vs. Pie by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

(ages 4-8)

Get ready for the ultimate food fight! Who is better, Cake or Pie? Will these two sweet treats overcome their rivalry and jealousy and become friends? This laugh out loud book is perfect for fans of the Jory John’s The Bad Seed.

Boy Who Cried poop!

The Boy Who Cried Poop! by Alessandra Requena

(ages 4-7)

Accidents will happen in this hilarious spin on The Boy Who Cried Wolf. A trip to the pool is interrupted several times by the call of nature, and all the wild and wacky characters you meet on the way to the bathroom.

Ice cream vanishes

Ice Cream Vanishes by Julia Sarcone-Roache

(ages 3-6)

When Squirrel leaves his ice cream on a rock on a hot sunny day, it mysteriously disappears! There’s only one explanation: Squirrel is a magician. Can all the other forest animals make ice cream disappear too? A sweet, summery treat that will have you waiting for the ice cream truck to come around.

Brilliant ms bangle

The Brilliant Ms. Bangle by Cara Devins

(ages 4-7)

Beloved librarian Ms. Stack has moved away, and the kids at Belford elementary are protesting by not reading ANY books until she returns. Enter Ms. Bangle, the cool new librarian, who is delighted when she hears this as it gives her more free time. During reading time, she puts all the kids to work doing boring chores like taking empty boxes to the scary basement. Is Ms. Bangle really that mean, or is she hatching a smart plan to get the kids to read again?

Delicious story

A Delicious Story by Barney Saltzberg

(ages 3-7)

Little mouse is looking for a story since they are in a book. Big mouse was hungry and ate the story and the pictures too. Together big mouse and little mouse work together to create a new story. It’s harder than it looks and might have a surprise ending!

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