TD Summer Reading Club: 8 Things To Do Before the End of Summer

August 15, 2022 | Daniel

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The 2022 edition of the TD Summer Reading Club wraps up on September 5. Here's a list of 8 things to do before another summer's in the books: 

1. Take a StoryWalk®

Stroll around the outside of the library building and enjoy reading Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox by Danielle Daniel or I Am Scary by Elise Gravel. There are 23 participating TPL locations this summer.  

2. Read the TDSRC web comic

Artist Soyeon Kim has created a stunning, wordless web comic titled Night at the Library. As kids look at the picture in each panel, challenge them to come up with their own words to tell the story!

Night at the Library first panel

3. Write a story ending

Kids are having fun with our story starters, where we present the beginning of a story and challenge kids to come up with their own endings. For inspiration (or a good laugh), you can check out some creative story endings for the story starter titled The Dragon Next Door, which begins like this: 

Things have been very different ever since that dragon moved into the apartment next door.

For one thing, the smoke detector goes off at least five times a day. So annoying!

Another problem: the dragon stays up all night playing Roblox on full blast, and we can hear it through the walls. And, of course, he has so many delivery people knocking on his door to deliver pizza and chicken wings.

But … it’s not all bad having a dragon for a neighbour.

Sometimes he’s good to have around because … 


Here's how a few kids chose to finish this story: 

… if you give him a free thing of KFC wings he will fly you to any place in the world that you want. And the best part… he is sooo fast that he only takes about five minutes to get anywhere. He is also good to have around because if your barbeque is not working and you don’t have a fire pit, then the dragon will cook your hotdogs for you! As long as you let him stay for supper. He always has something nice to say, and if you want to play Roblox he will lend his Roblox iPad to you anytime.

But his Roblox at night is still the most annoying thing that I have ever heard. He never stops playing, but I guess I don’t either!

-submitted by hockeydog17

...he tells funny jokes, and does silly things that always make us laugh. He’s really fun to hang out with because sometimes he lets us ride on his back while he’s flying, and we get the chance to see the beautiful sky as it sets and rises. He tries his best to protect us in any way he can even if it can be difficult.

The dragon’s presence can be a lot at times, but at other it can be very comforting to see a familiar face that can cheer you up.

Even thought having a dragon as a neighbor can be a lot, I’m really glad that he moved in to the apartment next door, and I hope he never moves out.

-submitted by bleuetbleu


4. Watch a video from a Canadian author or illustrator

Authors and illustrators from across Canada have created informational and inspirational workshop content in English and French. Learn about the magical beings of Haida Gwaii, make your own patchwork dragon, find out how you can become an aquanaut, and more!

5. Read this summer's most popular jokes 

What do you call a lost wolf? A where-wolf!  All summer long, kids have been writing and voting for their favourite jokes; read them all on our jokes page

6. Vote in the finals of the Battle of the Books

We're down to the finals in the popular 8-book Battle of the Books tournament. Kids can read both of the books online and then choose their favourite. Voting closes on August 26, 2022. 

Upside-Down Magic: Night Owl by Emily Jenkins, Sarah Mlynowski and Lauren Myracle

Upside-Down Magic: Night Owl by Emily Jenkins, Sarah Mlynowski and Lauren Myracle

Read it now on the TDSRC site.


Whatever After: Good As Gold by Sarah Mlynowski

Whatever After: Good As Gold by Sarah Mlynowski

Read it now on the TDSRC site.


7. Attend a Summer Wonder program

Explore and discover new interests as a family with TPL's free Summer Wonder programs and activities. To find an upcoming program near you, visit the Summer Wonder page. Watch replays of online programs on our Crowdcast channel, and check out more activities in French, such as taking our French Reading Challenge!

8. Check out kid-approved books

One of the best ways to find some great reads for your child is to review other kids' favourites and add them to your list! Browse the kids' picks section of our website to see what kids across Canada are reading this summer.


Which books or library activities got your family excited this summer? Share your Summer Wonder and TDSRC highlights in the comments!