New & Noteworthy Picture Books February 2022

February 9, 2022 | Pat

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We are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest picture books to our shelves. In honour of Valentine's Day, we have decided to present a range of books dedicated to love in its manifold forms. Most are available in eBook format.

Grow your child's love for reading! Check out our list of Valentine's Day Books for Kids for more sweet and heartwarming recommendations.


I Love You Because I Love You

I Love You Because I Love You by Mượn Thị Văn and Jessica Love (ages 4-8)

This call-and-response picture book features all kinds of families showing their love in many different ways.


Viking in Love

Viking in Love by Doug Cenko (ages 3-7)

Stig is smitten with the bold and beautiful Ingrid. How can he prove his love with a big, scary ocean between them?


Rita's Rabbit

Rita's Rabbit by Laura Mucha and Hannah Peck (ages 2-5)

Rita finds out that soft and fluffy doesn't always mean sweet and lovable. Sometimes scaly and scratchy can be loyal and friendly!


What is Love

What is Love? by Mac Barnett and Carson Ellis (ages 3-5)

A young boy sets out on a quest around the world to find the answer to this question. But everyone he meets has a different answer. Can they all be right?


Love is Here

Love is Here by Mike Malbrough (ages 5-8)

A poetic celebration of something that everyone searches for, but is found all around.


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