New and Noteworthy Picture Books: September 2021

September 27, 2021 | Pat

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We are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections. Here are some picture books we are really excited about that will be hitting shelves soon. Most are also available as eBooks.

Bathe the Cat
Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGinty, illustrated by David Roberts (ages 3-5)

It's cleaning day for everyone since Grandma is visiting! Everything needs to be clean, including the cat. This fun read-aloud picture book has rhyming text throughout as the cat tries to distract Dad and Papa with nonsensical chores, creating hilarious chaos with each family member.


I Wish You Knew
I Wish You Knew by Jackie Azúa Kramer, illustrated by Magdalena Mora (ages 4-7)

Estrella and her class gather around an old oak tree and share their secrets and fears. Some children are hungry, some live in a shelter, and Estrella shares that her father has been deported, and how much she misses him.



Milo Imagines the World
Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la Peña, illustrated by Christian Robinson (ages 4-8)

Milo is on a long subway ride and begins looking at the people around him, imagining stories about their lives and where they are going. He soon realizes you can't really know a person just by looking at them.


Sssh! The Baby's Asleep
Shhh! The Baby’s Asleep by JaNay Brown-Wood, illustrated by Elissambura (ages 2-5)

The baby is sleeping – can everyone in the family (including the dog and the neighbour) keep quiet while the baby naps? Nope! But big brother knows just what to do.



Zuri Ray Tries Ballet
Zuri Ray Tries Ballet by Tami Charles, illustrated by Sharon Sordo (ages 4-8)

Zuri Ray loves trying new things, but when her friend Jessie asks her to join a ballet camp, she has a hard time fitting in. Zuri Ray learns that it's okay to have different hobbies than her friends, and that's what makes her unique.



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