The Best TD Summer Reading Club 2021 Website Submissions

August 16, 2021 | Daniel

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Cartoon illustration of kid using laptop. A jack-in-the-box  a cow and a rocket spring out of the device

Kids from across Canada have been submitting content to the TD Summer Reading Club website this summer. Here are some of our favourite submissions so far.


Question: What did the apple say to the cat?

Answer: Nothing, apples can’t talk.

-submitted by seewaves500

Cat avatar

Question: My friend Mark stole my dictionary and I said…

Answer: Mark, my words!!!

-submitted by librarylover10

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Question: What do you call a dinosaur fart?

Answer: A blast from the past!

-submitted by abby_h

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Question: Where do sheep go to cut their hair?

Answer: To the baa-baa shop.

-submitted by gaily

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Story endings

Our story starters give kids the chance to exercise their creative writing skills. We start a story for kids and they can take it in any direction they see fit. Several of our favourite responses are from the story Your Order Has Shipped, which begins like this:


I run to the front door and open it. There is a brown box at the door and I see the delivery man walking back towards his truck. 

"Who's it for?" my dad asks, as I carry the box into the house and shut the door.

"Hmm, let's see," I say, looking for the name on the label. "Uh… Hmm. Ok, this is weird," I say. "The package is addressed to Chloe."

"Chloe? Our cat?!" my dad exclaims.

"Yea, that's what it says," I reply. "Right here, see: Package for Chloe."

"How is that possible?" my dad says.

Chloe, our pet cat, walks into the room and has her eyes on the box… 


Here's how kids chose to finish this story:

She starts to use her claws and rips open the box like she had been waiting for it for days.

Inside, I see a $50 fancy cat bed just for her in her favourite colour: yellow. I wondered how she paid for this bed when I hear my dad shout in the kitchen.

"Who just spent 50 dollars on a cat bed!!" 

I knew it from the start when we adopted Chloe, she wasn't any ordinary cat…

-submitted by banana_dog


…and ripped the box apart with her teeth. In the box there was a packet of cat treats and a letter that said I Love You. It showed a picture of a male cat. My dad says we better not let Chloe get near any packages like that again, because when Chloe ate the cat treats she got sick.

-submitted by crystalheartpie


"Should we let her open it?" I ask my dad.

Dad laughs. "I think that's more of an opposable thumbs thing, honey. I'll go get the scissors."

Dad leaves the room. I scoot over to Chloe and scratch her under the chin, just the way she likes. She starts to purr.

"I can smell that stink bomb from here, kitty!" I whisper. "This is going to be our best April Fools' prank yet!"

-submitted by bookgirl99


Book reviews

Kids have been reading a lot this summer. We've read over 18,000 book reviews to date.

Sometimes, the reviews can be funny, like this user who reviewed the book Karate Kakapo by Loredana Cunti and Stacy Curtis:

I do karate so I know the struggle.

-submitted by therealcat123

Karate kakapo


Sometimes they can be heartwarming, like this review for Don't Stand So Close to Me by Eric Walters:

I read this at the beginning of the pandemic, and I found it really helped. It helped me believe that one day, everything would be all right.

-submitted by chiot

Don't stand so close to me


And other times, the reviews are quite profound. Here's a thoughtful review for the book These Are My Words: The Residential School Diary of Violet Pesheens by Ruby Slipperjack:

I really enjoyed reading this book, because with all the First Nations and Indigenous deaths from residential school are being revealed, I wanted to educate myself on this topic and this book did. Violet and her grandmother’s relationship is so strong I couldn’t imagine it would ever break. This book was also very sad at the same time, but I won’t reveal why because it might spoil the book. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about living in a residential school.

-submitted by thebookaddict

These are my words


Most popular ebooks

Thanks to the generosity of publishers, kids in the Club have access to ebooks on our website that are available at all times without waiting lists or restrictions. These are the top three titles so far: 

Dog Man: Fetch 22 by Dav Pilkey. Read it now on the TDSRC website.

Dog Man Fetch 22 book cover


The Bad Guys in the Dawn of the Underlord by Aaron Blabey. Read it now on the TDSRC website.

The Bad Guys in the Dawn of the Underlord Book Cover


The Lunch Club: It Came From the Basement by Dom Pelletier. Read it now on the TDSRC website.

The lunch club it came from the basement


Check us out online!

There is still plenty of time to register for the Club (it's free!) and check out all of our online content this summer. The TD Summer Reading Club website is available until September 6, 2021.

There are more ways to participate in TDSRC, like attending online programs and downloading the Beanstack reading app with fun activities and challenges. You can also sign up in person. So head to your local branch to pick up a reading kit, borrow a grab & go bag and take an outdoor StoryWalk® at select locations. Happy summer reading!