New and Noteworthy Picture Books June 2021

June 15, 2021 | Pat

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This collection of the latest and greatest picture books are perfect for celebrating Pride Month with your children. Most are also available as eBooks.

Llama Glamarama
Llama Glamarama by Simon James Green, illustrated by Gary Parsons (ages 3-5)

While the other barn animals are fast asleep, Larry the llama breaks out his bright costumes and dances the night away. Larry keeps his fabulous nighttime activities a secret, afraid he'll be teased. But when he discovers a vibrant carnival with animals just like him, he must decide to live his truth or continue to keep it a secret.


Pride Puppy
Pride Puppy by Robin Stevenson, illustrated by Julie McLaughlin (ages 3-6)

Accompanied by their two moms, younger sibling and dog, a child attends Pride Day, meeting family and friends and enjoying the colourful sights. But when their dog goes missing at the parade, the community comes together to reunite the pup with his family. This rhyming alphabet book is a perfect introduction to the joy of Pride for young readers.


Ritu weds Chandni
Ritu Weds Chandni by Ameya Narvankar (ages 5-7)

Excited to attend her cousin Ritu's wedding to her girlfriend, young Ayesha is heartbroken at the many people who shout unkind words and try their best to stop the festivities. But Ayesha's love for her family saves the day, along with her commitment to making the day fun no matter what. Ayesha's bold attitude towards homophobia and her unconditional love for her cousin shine brightly in this picture book.


Sam is my Sister
Sam is My Sister by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, illustrated by MacKenzie Haley (ages 4-8)

Evan loves being a big brother to his two siblings, Sam and Finn. But when Sam wants to grow longer hair, wear dresses and read princess stories, Evan is confused. With the help of supportive parents, Evan comes to understand that Sam is trans and his sister. This picture book explains clearly what being transgender is and how transitioning does not change who someone is in their heart.


What Are Your Words
What are Your Words? A Book about Pronouns by Katherine Locke, illustrated by Anne Passchier (ages 4-8)

On the way to a neighbourhood summer bash, Ari struggles to figure out what pronouns to use for that day – sometimes Ari uses he/him, sometimes she/her. Ari meets lots of neighbours, learns their pronouns and tries them out, but none of them seem to fit. Ari soon discovers that it's okay to not know your pronouns right away. A cheerful and affirming introduction of gender-inclusive pronouns and inclusivity.


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