New and Noteworthy Books: October 2020

October 16, 2020 | Pat

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We are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections. All of these books we are recommending this month have recently been made available as ebooks as well.

Posted on behalf of the Children's Selection Team.

Give me Back My Bones
Give Me Back My Bones, 2019. By Kim Norman. Illustrated by Bob Kolar. Ages 6-8.

Manic, loosely metered verse featuring a wide range of poetic devices. This book has alliteration and stanza endings that start out somewhat assonant and gradually rhyme less and less. It makes for an unpredictable and amusing story that will teach you the names of our more prominent bones. It is set in a undersea shipwreck populated by a rich array of helpful undersea creatures.


The Little Ghost who Lost Her Boo

The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo, 2020. By Elaine Bickell. Illustrated by Raymond McGrath. Ages 4-8.

A young ghost sneaks up to scare a camper... and discovers to her horror that she has no "Boo", just a cold quiet draft that the camper does not notice. Ghost wanders through the night seeking aid from various forest creatures, who offer to lend them their own sounds, but the little ghost politely declines. Will she find her "boo" before she has to turn in for the day?


The Little Ghost who was a Quilt

The Little Ghost Who was a Quilt, 2020. By Riel Nason. Illustrated by Byron Eggenschweiler.  Ages 3-7.

Little ghost does not look like his friends or family. He does not twirl or float, or soar lightly. He does not realize that he is a quilt, not a sheet. One Halloween, because he is thick and cozy, he is picked up by a mother to keep her child warm on their way home from trick or treating. Little ghost realizes that he is special, even though he is different.


Mary who Wrote Frankenstein

Mary Who Wrote Frankenstein, 2018. By Linda Bailey. Illustrated by Júlia Sardà.  Ages 5-8.

Mary Shelley was a precocious and enormously influential author for generations of horror fans. She has justifiably been the subject of several children's biographies. From this, one learns that she was taught to read in part, by tracing the lettering on her mother's gravestone. The illustrations are gloomy and macabre but also lively.


Vampirina at the Beach

Vampirina at The Beach, 2017. By Anne Marie Pace. Illustrated by Le Uyen Pham. Ages 4-6.

Vampirina is a bit like an undead version of Eloise. She knows what she likes. In this book, she escorts a young boy with his family, who appear to be the only humans, on a tour of all the fun things one can do on a night at the beach. As they progress first through a buddy system refresher, then take on headstone surfing, snorkelling, volleyball and more, a number of interesting changes begin to affect Vampirina's companion.


We're Going on a Goon Hunt

We’re Going on a Goon Hunt:  A Petrifying Parody, 2020. By Michael Rex. Ages 3–5.

We all know what happens when you go on a bear hunt, but what happens on a goon hunt? On a dark spooky night? Through a pumpkin patch, a forest, a tunnel, a swamp, a graveyard AND a haunted house? And what if you find that green ghoulish goon? Giggle and shriek along on this "petrifying" adventure that leads everyone (well, almost everyone!) right back through it all to being safe and sound under the covers. 


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