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June 15, 2020 | Daniel

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TD Summer Reading Club 2020 logo

The TD Summer Reading Club is back!

For the summer of 2020, the Club has shifted to an online format only. While there won’t be any printed notebooks or stickers for kids to collect this year, we’re excited by the enhancements we’ve made to our Club website to allow kids to fully participate online and get excited about reading. 

Check out our teaser video with more information on signing up for the Club!


Here are just some of the highlights of this year’s online experience.


Create an online notebook

Kids can generate a web access code directly on our website. This allows them to create their own digital notebooks, where they can track their summer reading with a personalized notebook page.


Read ebooks

We have ebooks for all ages and interests, and in both English and French. The best part? Once kids set up their online notebooks, they can access the ebooks at any time over the summer — no waiting lists or restrictions!

Vote in the Battle of the Books

Battle of the books

This is an 8-book tournament in which two books battle for top choice each week. All of the books are available as ebooks, so kids can read the books online and then vote for their favourite. At the end of the summer one book will be crowned as the summer’s champion.


Review books

Kids can share what they think about books they have read for other kids to see.


Participate in weekly trivia

Each week, we will have a new multiple choice trivia question for kids to answer. After selecting an answer, kids see an explanation and a prompt to explore the topic further.


Write stories

Self portrait drawing illustration

Our silly stories ask kids to add their own words to a pre-written, hidden story. Once kids fill in the word prompts, the full story is revealed—and it’s usually silly! We also have story starters, where kids continue writing a story that we’ve started for them. Kids can read the story endings that other kids have submitted.


Read and write jokes

Kids can write their own jokes and read the jokes submitted by other kids. There is an option to like a joke and sort the jokes by most popular and trending.


Read an original web comic

Kean Soo has written an original web comic called The Transfer Student. Kids can read it and then participate in discussion questions with other kids. Yves Bourgelas has written an original web comic in French that kids can check out as well.


View author/illustrator readings and workshops

We have tons of great online readings and workshops lined up, including videos from Dave Whamond, Kean Soo, Kevin Sylvester, Marty Chan, and more!


Print colouring sheets

Colouring sheets ranging from simple to advanced for parents to print out for kids of all ages.


Find the perfect book

Kids answer our book-finder questions to find the book most suited for them.


There’s something for everyone on our site, including preschoolers and their families. The TD Summer Reading Club is accessible for kids of all abilities, no matter how they read! Learn more about the accessibility of the Club.

We hope you'll visit the club online soon!