New and Noteworthy Children's eBooks: May 2020

May 13, 2020 | Pat

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Posted on behalf of the Children's Materials Selection Committee

We are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections. As our branches are currently closed, all of these books we are recommending this month are available as ebooks.

At the Pond

At the Pond by Geraldo Valério

A boy in grey surroundings sets off with his dog on a nature walk and the world seems to bloom into colour around them. They encounter a group of swans in a large pond. One invites him to take a ride and he lets his dog off the leash and snaps it onto the swan. I will not tell you what happens next.


Bedtime Bonnet

Bedtime Bonnet by Nneka Myers

"When the sun goes down, our hair goes up!" A multi-generational family celebrates Black nighttime hair traditions. From durags to twists to scarves and caps, there is something unique for every member of this loving family.


Like the Moon Loves the Sky

Like The Moon Loves the Sky by Hema Khan and Saffa Khan

With radiant illustrations and soothing prose, Like the Moon Loves the Sky pairs a common Arabic refrain with aspirations for the days ahead. Simple and joyful rhyming text highlights the everyday events in a child's life, and the unconditional love and hope parents have for their little ones. Khan offers a calming bedtime book, especially perfect for those last few nights of Ramadan, and one easy to share with children exploring a new culture and universal values.



Paolo Emperor of Rome by Mac Barnett

A dog who is kept shut in at his owners hair salon escapes one day to explore the sights and smells of the eternal city. He encounters other free-spirited creatures and must struggle to take his place among them and become a true Roman.


Under the Lilacs
Under the Lilacs by E.B. Goodale

Mother is busy teaching flute lessons, and sister Hannah has locked her out their room! Kate runs away to the lilac bushes where she builds a cardboard house for herself and Mango, the family cat. But Mango might miss the family! So Kate adds on another room for Hannah and one for her mother and discovers that she could live there – for a while, at least. Soft dreamy illustrations will make you want to build your own getaway.


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