New and Noteworthy Children's Books: April 2020

April 9, 2020 | Pat

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Posted on behalf of the Children's Materials Selection Committee

We are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections. As our branches are currently closed, all of these books we are recommending this month are available as ebooks.

Amazing Idea of You

The Amazing Idea of You by Charlotte Sullivan Wild. Illustrated by Mary Lundquist

Beautiful illustrations and simple, inspiring text celebrate the latency within all living things. The potential for any child, personified here by a young girl exploring her world, to be anything they want to be is marvellously conveyed.


Clammy Clam
Clammy Clam by Christopher Raschka

Another in Rascka’s Thingy Thing series (Buggy Bug, Crabby Crab and Cowy Cow are also available in ebook format). Clammy Clam is a very short, very simple venture to get a very shy clam to say hello! Each page prompts Clammy to open up using a variety of intonations making this a fun read-aloud for the beginning reader.


Dear Girl
Dear Girl by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal. Illustrated by Holly Hatam

Written by a mother and daughter team, Dear Girl is an inspiring and thoughtful offering of simple letters of advice to a young girl encouraging and empowering her to fully live her life –“stop and dance”, “be brave”, and know that “you have important things to say”. Nurturing and brimming with love, Dear Girl is relevant to readers of any age or gender.


Ducks Away
Ducks Away by Mem Fox. Illustrated by Judy Horacek.

One by one, five ducklings follow Mother Duck across the bridge, but one by one, they end up in the river below! Mother Duck is in a flap –“What should I do? Where should I go?” But not to worry as her young charges, safe in the water below, have a solution that will make young ones ask for this engaging counting book to be read again and again.


Grandpa's Stories
Grandpa's Stories by Joseph Coelho. Illustrated by Allison Colpoys

Consisting of recollections through the seasons of a deep attachment and crushing loss, this bittersweet book is a loving, and ultimately optimistic, affirmation of the power of memories.


I need all of It
I Need All of It by Petra Postert. Illustrated by Jens Rassmus.

In this shaggy dog story that pays homage both to scavenging and to a child's imagination, a father doing the laundry empties out his son's pocket and finds a a bent key, a button and a triangular stone. It turns these are far from garbage and that each one is a fascinating historical relic.