Wordless Books 2019 Round Up

January 13, 2020 | Pat

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It's becoming a habit of mine to introduce any discussion of wordless books with some documentation on the importance of talking with your children. In my post of September 2018, I linked to a CBC article. This years I'm recommending an October piece from the BBC

As someone who considers wordless books ideal conversation prompts and is always on the lookout for more, here are several of my favourite titles from 2019.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of great wordless books from the year. They are just a few of my favourites.


Explorers by Matthew Cordell.

A crafty busker gives a young boy his latest paper creation, just as the boy and his family are entering New York City's Metropolitan Museum. This magical creation proves every bit as interesting and precious as many of the exhibits.

Ages 3-7.



Selkie by Josephine Birch. 

After a hard day's work, the crew of a fishing trawler gather at the Mermaid's Arms to share a few drinks and yarns. One young man sits silently with nothing to add. The next day, while hauling in a net, he is pulled over the side and drawn deep down beneath the waves.

Ages 7-12.


Spencer's New Pet

Spencer's New Pet by Jesse Sima.

A young boy is deeply protective of his pet balloon dog who gets away in the wind and leads him past no end of sharp, hot and pointy hazards.

Ages 4-8.


Spot and Dot

Spot & Dot by Henry Cole.

A cat named Spot lives in a neighbouring apartment to a Dog named Dot. When Dot goes missing, Spot wants to help. Soon there are two sets of missing pet signs. A simple story blended with a reasonably challenging search and find.

All Ages.



Stormy: a story about finding a forever home by GuoJing.

A young womam comes across an abandoned puppy in a park and seeks to gain his trust.

Ages 4-8.


More you say? Well I do happen to have these 2018 favourites that I did not include with the others last year. I told you these lists were not exhaustive! 


Door by JiHyeon Lee.

A boy in a drab featureless world finds a door to a strange but vibrant and joyful new world full of welcoming creatures, and overcomes a language barrier to make many new friends.

Ages 4-8.



Imagine! by Raúl Colón.

A boy visits the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and coaxes several famous subjects free of their frames for a tour of the lower east side and Brooklyn.

Ages 4-8.


If you would like to explore more wordless books, I suggest a subject search using advanced settings for the term “stories without words” or browse these search results.