Buy Nothing, Feel Grateful

November 28, 2019 | Samantha

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Buy Nothing Day falls on Friday, November 29 this year and is a good excuse to take a step back and consider how we spend our time and money. Started by Canadian artist Ted Dave in 1992, it was a movement that was meant to critique the mindless over-consumption that happens on Black Friday, which falls on the same day.

Reducing our consumption of stuff has many wonderful side effects that all converge on Buy Nothing Day. You can save money while reducing your carbon footprint and you get to practice feeling grateful for everything you already have.

Developing gratitude and mindfulness can start at an early age. There are so many amazing things you can do with your family besides shopping this Black Friday, and the books below will help inspire you along the way. Being present to what is around us, whether it's by spending time in nature, making crafts with recycled materials, or heading to the library to borrow some books, can help us all learn to be present and appreciate the treasures that are already a part of our lives.


Cover image of Giving thanks : more than 100 ways to say thank you

Giving Thanks: More than 100 Ways to Say Thank You. Written and Illustrated by Ellen Surrey 

With many tips for activities on how to say thank you for what you have, including instructions for starting your very own gratitude jar!


Cover image of We are grateful : otsaliheliga

We are Grateful: Otsaliheliga. Written by Traci Sorell; Illustrated by Frané Lessac

This beautifully-illustrated book starts out with offering a definition of the Cherokee word "otsaliheliga" which is used to express gratitude for both blessings and struggles throughout the year. 


Cover image of 100 ways to be thankful
100 Ways to Be Thankful. By Lisa M. Gerry 

From the ever-popular National Geographic Kids series comes this graphic and informative little book about tips and tricks for how you can be thankful and present in a practical, hands-on way. 


Cover image of Get outdoors : a mindfulness guide to noticing nature
Get Outdoors. Written by Paul Christelis; Illustrated by Elisa Paganelli

This book offers a great introduction to mindfulness for both kids and parents alike. Follow along as Jada and Michael explore the outdoors and learn to notice all sorts of new things.


Cover image of What does it mean to be present?
What Does it Mean to be Present? Written by Rana DiOrio; Illustrated by Eliza Wheeler

Another great introductory book that explores what it means to be fully aware of the present moment. 


Cover image of Here and now
Here and Now by Julia Denos; Illustrated by E.B. Goodale

Gorgeous illustrations help us learn to be "right here and now" in this imaginative story.


Do you participate in Buy Nothing Day? What are some of your favourite ways to practice gratitude and mindfulness? Share in the comments below!