The Best of the TD Summer Reading Club Website Submissions

August 12, 2019 | Daniel

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Kids from across Canada have been submitting content to the TD Summer Reading Club website this summer. We get the pleasure to review all of the submissions and here are some of our favourites:


Question: What do birds do on their phones?
Answer: TWEET!

Question: What’s a squirrel’s favourite ballet?
Answer: The nutcracker

Rabbit on bike
Question: What’s a bunny’s favourite music?
Answer: Hip-hop

Nest with eggs
Question: What did the teacher say to the egg that finished its work?
Answer: EGG-cellent

Question: What did the bee ask the flower?
Answer: Hey bud what time do you open? 


Comments on the Web Comic

Jo Rioux has written and illustrated a fantastic web comic (in both English and French) that kids can read at any time. In the comments section of each comic panel, kids can join in the fun by responding to a few of our prompting questions, including...

...Their favourite thing about nature (thanks to the user named uraveragepotato for this response)

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I like the diversity you can find in the outdoors from plants, to animals, to humans, and even fungi like mushrooms. The people of different ethnicities, the different types of plants from trees to grass, the animals flying in the sky, roaming around on land, or the animals and bugs who like to stay underground. Fungi like mushrooms and moss. Everything comes together creating our diverse planet.

...And their choice of animal to ride on (thanks to the user named dubba11): 

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If I could choose to ride on the back of any bird or animal I would probably choose Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture. It flies 37,000 feet. Ruppell’s griffon vulture is the highest flying bird in the world. I would love to be that high since I love rollercoasters and heights.


Story Starters

One of my personal favourite features of the website are the story starters. We write an introduction to a story and then sit back and read how kids finish them. 

This is an example of a story titled "BIG Trouble", which begins like so:

I usually sleep in on Saturday mornings, so I thought it was weird when I looked over at my alarm clock and it was only 8 a.m.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. It sounded like giant footsteps walking outside. That must have been what woke me up.

Boom. Boom. BOOM. BOOM!

Whatever was walking down the street was getting closer. I ran over to look out my window.

...And here is the ending provided by a user named cornjug4:

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I walk slowly and grab a pan in case something happens. (Why do I even have a pan in my room?) I try not to wake any one else up but I run down the stairs when "AHA!" I shout. The door swung open and I hit my new neighbor with the metal pan and drop it. (I thought she was a bad guy.) The BOOM BOOM sound is the radio she wanted to show us. She put rap music on max volume. I watch her drop to my front porch - looking very hurt. I.Am.In.Big.Trouble. I'm freaking out right now, sweating a lot and my dad is coming down from the stairs wondering what happened. "What do I do?????" I whisper to myself a million times. "Ugh...what happened?" My neighbor gets up with a big fat bruise (That she doesn't notice.) on her right arm. "Hello neighbor." My dad says politely. "Yes...hello. I feel quite dizzy... Anyways, I brought you the radio as you wanted from that store." She says."I put some rap music on." Me and my dad look at each other carefully excepting it. "Thanks." My dad says. I'm not in big trouble.

In addition to contributing comments, jokes and stories, kids can use the website to track their reading, answer trivia questions, write book reviews and offer recommendations to other kids.

We want to keep kids reading all summer long. Can’t make it out to one of libraries anytime soon to grab some books? No problem! We have over 45 ebooks on our website that are available at all times (no waiting lists!). Our most popular ebook so far this summer is Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate? How Animals Keep Warm by Etta Kaner.

Do Frogs Drink Hot Chocolate book cover

What has your favourite read been so far this summer? Share in the comments below!