Summer Author Visits at the Library

August 28, 2019 | Suzanne

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One of my favourite ways to while away the time during summer days as a child was to have my nose in a book, fan whirring, a cold drink by my side. Ahh, the dog days of summer. I spent many of them at my grandparents, with lots of fond memories of getting lost in the adventures of my books.

If only I’d known that the library around the corner also had great programs available for kids like me who loved reading and writing. (Don't worry, I know better now.) I’d have probably been first in line with my Grandpa, waiting to meet an author or join the Summer Reading Club.

This summer we’ve had a number of wonderful opportunities for children to explore the craft of writing through writing workshops or author events where they can ask authors the tough questions—“So, umm – do you write ALL day?” “Where do you get your ideas?” Or my personal favourite from one visit I attended—“Did you ever write something really really bad?” to which the author’s response was – “Yes!” What a great way to learn about trying and failing and learning and growing. 

Here are a couple of our favourite visits from this summer with authors from our Summer Reading Club Top Recommended Reads list. 

68998490_390609221648614_6483398573789544448_nMichelle Mulder with young readers at the Agincourt Branch
Michelle Mulder with young readers at Agincourt Branch.


Etta Kaner visits Yorkville Branch
Etta Kaner visits Yorkville Branch

It's been a joy to see the excitement of young readers in the city meeting their favourite local authors.

Happy Summer Reading!