New Toronto Public Library Website for Kids!

January 21, 2019 | RayL

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TPL Kids Homepage

Introducing TPL Kids!

We have just released an new version of our children's website. TPL Kids offers kids 6-12 with a space to discover new books, ask questions, share jokes and more. The website is accessible and mobile-friendly. 


Browse Books by Categories!

Has your child ever had difficulty finding funny books or action/adventure books? The new TPL Kids website has this sorted. Sorted by categories that resonate with kids. Check back often as these lists are constantly updated with new titles. You can even place a hold on the newest titles before they are released!

Books by Categories

I Wonder…?

Does your child ever wonder why something is the way it is? Here’s our solution. Introducing TPL Kids’ Wonder Wall. TPL staff will select a wonder that’s been submitted and uncover the answer. 

Wonder Wall

Homework Help

From resources such as Brainfuse, which offers online tutoring and homework help, to Oxford English Dictionary, we've highlighted resources that may be helpful for kids in elementary school. 

Online Resources

Discover Kids Programs at Your Local Branch

Interested in taking your child to a magic show or a maker program? Filter your search and limit to a branch or browse all the amazing kids programs we have across the city. 

Branch Programs

And Other Fun Activities!

Does your child have a favourite joke they’ve shared with you again and again? Now they can share it with others! Encourage your child to submit their hilarious jokes. Take a look at some funny photos we've sourced and come up with some creative captions. Take part in polls to see what percentage of users have the same opinions as you. 

Caption This


We’ll be updating TPL Kids’ website with new features and activities, so check back often.