What's an Alligator’s Favourite Social Media? (…and More Funny TD Summer Reading Club Kid Submissions)

August 13, 2018 | Daniel

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Kids from across Canada have been submitting great content to the TD Summer Reading Club website all summer long. We’ve had the pleasure to review all of the submissions and here are some of our favourites so far:



Q: Why did the math book look so sad?

                A: Because it had so many problems

Q: Which dinosaur knew the most words?

                A: The thesaurus

Q: What kind of seafood does a wrestler like to eat?

                A: Mussels

Q: What do you call a crab that plays baseball?

                A: A pinch hitter

Story Starters


We started a bunch of stories for kids to finish online. One of the story starters is titled Ladybug, which describes a first-person protagonist suffering the bite of a ladybug overnight. Here are a few great endings submitted by kids:

Avatar1"I had ladybug abilities and the best part is I could turn into a ladybug! I became the hero of the city and kicked evil in the butt! Ok not just the butt the face, belly, leg, and arm. Life was amazing expecilly with the love of my life, manbug hes like a lady bug but in guy version. When we retired we got married and had 100 kids (in eggs) then when they got older they went all over the world and fought crime. Me and manbug grew old together and had happy deaths (but sad!)." 

Submitted by Pancake



AVATAR2"I decided to go on a walk to take my mind off of the whole ladybug thing. When i just got half way down the old walk by the creek i some how turned into a ladybug and i could fly and i was so tiny i could not even belive how tiny i was i had a great day being a ladybug. Then sudenly this magical thing appered and said to me that once you have been bit by a ladybug you had to decide to be a human the rest of your life or a ladybug. So finely I decided that even though i loved being a ladybug for the day i prefer to be myself and even though i can not be a ladybug ever again i have some amazing memories!!!! THE END."

Submitted by happygirl11


Avatar3"A day later I was playing on the play structure at a park near my house. My best friend Sam was with me and dared me to jump off the highest point of the structure. I really didn't want to, but Sam was going to give me $10 for it, so I did. While I was in the air, I closed my eyes and waited for my feet to hit the ground. But they never did. I opened my eyes to see Sam staring up at me in awe. I was flying! Or at least floating.The ladybug bite had givin me superpowers! I tried to lower myself down, but ended up going even higher. "Grab my legs!" I shouted down to Sam. But it was to late. I was flying, up up and away. Since then, I have gone to the moon, made friends with aliens and watched the planets slowly rotate around the sun. But to this day, I am still floating around in space. And that, ladies and gents, is the story of why I don't like ladybugs."

Submitted by cottagegirl37


Feature Story comments


Has your child read Kevin Sylvester's online story written exclusively for the Club? If not, there’s still time to make your way through the chapters of The House of the Twelve Keys.

At the end of each chapter, we ask questions that encourage kids to leave comments. For example, since the text in Chapter 7 includes scary puns based on classic books, we ask kids the following: 

“Scary Potter”… “Scareborne”…."It happened at McMonster Hall.” Can you take the title of another book and make it “scary”?

Here are some creative responses from kids:

    "Charlie and the Monster Factory"

    "The Scarywick Chronicles"

    "Diary of a Zombie Kid"

    "Anne of Green Eye Balls"

    "Snow White and the Devil Dwarfs"

Keep the submissions coming...


The TD Summer Reading Club website will remain live well into September. In addition to writing jokes and stories, kids can use the site to track their reading, write book reviews and offer recommendations to other kids. Our main goal is to keep kids reading and enjoying books all summer long, and you can start right now: check out the great selection of ebooks available to read anytime!