French in the Summer Time

July 23, 2018 | Lynn

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Summer is full of fun and sun and reading too!  And that includes reading in French!  Whether your child is francophone or a student of French in school, summer is a great time to read in French and do book reports for the TD Summer Reading Club.  Just like in English, kids can read whatever they want in French and do a book report.  You want to read all the Tintins in French?  Go for it!  Maybe you love J’aime lire or Agent Jean.  Summer is a great time to read for fun in French.  Here are some different titles to explore this summer.

J'aime lire un livre a disparu

J'aime Lire

This fun French magazine has been around since I was a kid and is still a great read!  It has a chapter story, a comic strip or two and examples of what the kids have sent in!  What a great read!  If your child just loves reading the comics, let them enjoy them and slowly move them into more comics in French, like Asterix and Obelix!


Asterix chez les Picts

Astérix chez les Picts

This is a great example of Franco-Belgian comics.  It covers the adventures of two Gauls, Asterix and Obelix as they keep their village safe from the invading Romans in ancient times.  A humours comic with lots of text this is a great read for any child (or adult) who enjoys European comics.  Plus, they are just super funny, a key component of a good kids book.


Harry Potter a l'ecole des sorciers

Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers

Just cause you are reading in French does not mean you can't read the same books your friends are reading in English.  All of the Harry Potter books have been translated into French.  If you are a student learning French reading a story you know from English in French can help a lot with your comprehension and make the book more fun!


Percy Jackson Le voleur de foudre

Percy Jackson: Le Voleur de Foudre

Kids are loving this series from Percy Jackson and all his other series' in the works.  This story introduces the reader to the world of Greek Gods and how they continue to influence our world by having children with mortals.  This first book by Rick Riordan in the series demonstrates why he is so popular.

  Les schtroupfs et le village des filles

Les Schtroumpfs et le village des filles

I would be remiss to not mention the Smurfs, a Belgian comic surrounding little blue people 3 apples high as they try to evade the evil Gargamel who is looking for them and wants their magic.  This fun series is great for younger readers who enjoy the movies, or maybe parents who remember the television show.


Summer is a great time to read for fun and children should be encouraged to read what they love and don't forget those great French stories.