Dance Like Nobody's Watching

July 17, 2018 | Jennifer

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  Young girl posing at Ballet Jorgen

…and sing like nobody’s listening. It truly takes a child to master this adage with confidence and gusto.

Summer Wonder sparks self-expression, so let’s foster the movement and music that intuitively comes to young people. Engaging in dance has many benefits such as spatial awareness and muscle building, but most of all the happy endorphins that it creates. If kids can't move their entire body, maybe they can dance their hands. Practicing music has been shown to increase memory, confidence, social skills and other areas. Both singing and dancing are healthy ways for kids to share emotions, often without any words at all.

  Girls hug while learning ukulele

In books, even giraffes can jive and bears can play concertos. Stories show us that dancing is for everyone and to find the music that makes our hearts sing. These TD Summer Reading Club recommended reads invite positive relationships to song and dance:

  The Bear and the Piano

The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfied (Ages 4-7)

  Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance

Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance by Birgitta Sif (Ages 4-7)

  The Dance of the Violin

The Dance of the Violin by Kathy Stinson (Ages 5-8)

  Ballerina Dreams From Orphan to Ballerina

Ballerina Dreams: From Orphan to Ballerina by Michaela and Elaine dePrince (Ages 6-8)

   He Who Dreams

He Who Dreams by Melanie Florence (Ages 11-12)

Don't sit still and be silent at the library this summer:

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