The TD Summer Reading Club is Up and Running… Check Us Out Online!

June 25, 2018 | Daniel

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TD Summer Reading Club

The TD Summer Reading Club has kicked off for another year across Canada. Over 2,000 libraries are participating nationally, with all of the Toronto Public Library branches ready to register kids for the Club. Visit your local library to find out about all the programs they have lined up!

In addition to taking part in the Club at library programs and by talking to staff about books to collect stickers, kids can also participate online. Here are some highlights of this year’s national TD Summer Reading Club website. 

Read an online story by Kevin Sylvester

Kids can read an exclusive story written for the TD Summer Reading Club by author Kevin Sylvester. Kevin’s story is titled The House of the Twelve Keys (spoiler alert: the house is haunted).  Kevin has recorded an audio version of the story so kids can listen to his narration for each chapter. At the end of each chapter, our questions encourage kids to discuss the story with others across the country!

House of the 12 keys

Write a silly story

We’ve written a bunch of short stories but purposely left a few words out that kids need to fill in. The fun part: you can't see what we’ve written until you contribute the words. Here’s a sample of what we’ve been receiving (capitalized words were contributed):

Silly Story example

Finish a story

It can be difficult to come up with story ideas. So, we’ve done some of the work: we started a bunch of stories and kids can continue them however they want. It’s a fun, open-ended writing exercise that kids can take in any direction they want. You can also see what other kids have contributed. 

Learn to draw like Anne Villeneuve

The illustrator for this year’s TD Summer Reading Club is Anne Villeneuve, the author of the popular Loula series of books. Anne drew the artwork you see on all the print materials and online. She’s created four different step-by-step illustrations to help kids draw just like her!

  Sample Drawing Capture

Keep track of your reading… and other stuff

When kids register for the Club at a library, they receive a web access code to enter on our site. The code allows kids to use the online notebook and keep track of online submissions — silly stories, jokes, story starters, comments, etc. Can’t make it out to a library to pick up a web access sticker? No worries! Kids can auto-generate a code on our website and start contributing right away.  

Read ebooks

Our team has compiled a bunch of great books that we recommend and kids can read these right away on a computer, tablet, or phone. 

The TD Summer Reading Club is accessible and open to all kids. If you have a child that has trouble reading print because of a physical, visual or learning disability, we have materials that may help. Check out our section on Accessibility for more information.

Have a great summer!