Happy Birthday Mr. Munsch! Picture Book Suggestions for the Munsch Fan who has Everything

June 8, 2018 | Eila

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On Monday June 11th, we celebrate Robert Munsch’s birthday! What better way to celebrate than to read one of Munch’s classics? Some of my favourites include The Paper Bag Princess, Mud Puddle, and Mortimer.

  Paper Bag Princess Robert Munsch  Mud Puddle Robert Munsch  Mortimer Robert Munsch

You can also celebrate by taking in a Munsch penned puppet show at Sanderson branch on June 19th. They’ll be performing Mud Puddle! Later on this summer other Munsch Fest puppet shows will be hosted at High Park on July 24th and Parkdale on August 1st.

Hopefully by now you’ve discovered the incredible world of Robert Munsch, and you know that not only are his classic titles uproariously funny, and sometimes touching, but that his new and current titles are just as hilarious and wonderful! If you haven’t read any of his new titles give his three newest ones a try: Blackflies; The Enormous Suitcase; and So Much Snow. Check out Munsch's website for more details about Munsch himself and his books.

Blackflies Robert Munsch  The Enormous Suitcase Robert Munsch  So Much Snow Robert Munsch

Now, what if you’ve already read all of Munsch’s books? Really? You’ve read every single one??? Ok, well for a fellow Munsch fan I’d like to do my best to give you a few suggestions for other funny and fabulous authors that might tickle your fancy. Let’s be real here though: no one is quite like Robert Munsch! However, these authors are pretty cool in their own way and if you’re a Munsch fan you’ll appreciate them as well!

Alligator Pie Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee – Alligator Pie

Dennis Lee has written hundreds of children’s poems and published a dozen or so picture books of imaginative and funny poetry. All his poetry is lavishly illustrated, and children just love the detailed images! He’s also a fellow Canadian which makes a nice bonus. You can find Lee's work in the poetry section, and some, like another favourite of mine Lizzy’s Lion, can be found with the picture books.

This is not my Hat Jon Klassen

Jon Klassen – This is not My Hat

Jon Klassen, another Canadian author, as well as an illustrator, is one of my favourite new authors. His picture books are simply written, with few words to a page. Instead Klassen’s fabulous illustrations tell most of the story! The humour is darker than Munsch’s, but it is still there. The best part about Klassen’s books is that they have a tiny twist at the end that is a little bit creepy. Don’t worry, your children probably won’t catch the twist at first, but you will!

Can You Make a Scary Face? Jan Thomas

Jan Thomas – Can You Make a Scary Face?

Where Klassen’s books are darkly humourous, Thomas’ books are silly, loud, and fun, fun, fun! Her fabulous picture books, just like Munsch’s, make some of the best read-alouds in the library. Can You Make a Scary Face? is filled with crowd pleasing directions for the audience that are sure to make everyone giggle. Thomas has also recently started writing beginner readers which actually made me laugh out loud (for real!) You won’t want to miss these books!

The Book with no Pictures B.J. Novak

B. J. Novak – The Book with No Pictures

This list of Robert Munsch read-alikes would be incomplete without mentioning B.J. Novak’s The Book with No Pictures. If you haven’t read it you’re in for a real treat! Just like the title suggests, it’s technically a picture book, but there aren’t any pictures in it! Instead the book makes the person reading it out loud say and do all kinds of silly things. I’m pretty certain Munsch approves of Novak’s humour here. After all, Munsch’s books are loaded with adults doing and saying silly things. And there’s fantastic news for fans of Novak’s book: the sequel, The Alphabet Book with No Pictures, is coming soon!

What do you think of these suggested authors? Would Mr. Munsch approve? Do you have any favourite funny picture book authors you’d like to suggest? Let me know in the comments!