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May 31, 2018 | P@

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Picture Book Preview

We are dedicated to bringing the best and brightest books to our library collections. Here are some picture books we are really excited about that will be hitting shelves soon.

The Steves by Morag Hood

The Steves by Morag Hood, 2018  Ages 4-8
Two puffins named Steve meet and argue over who is the best Steve. A clever, kid-friendly look at rivalry, jealousy and how pointless silly arguments can be.


A Storytelling of Ravens
A Storytelling of Ravens by Kyle Lukoff

A Storytelling of Ravens by Kyle Lukoff. Illustrated by Natalie Nelson 2018  Ages 5-8
A sloth of bears, a smack of jellyfish, and nuisance of cats more! Collective nouns for groups of animals are presented with clever wordplay and delightful illustrations.


Golden Glow
The Golden Glow by Benjamin Flouw

The Golden Glow by Benjamin Flouw, 2018  Ages 4-7
Fox is a botanist who goes on a quest to the mountains to find a rare flower called the golden glow. Along the way Fox meets up with various animal friends and experiences the joy of nature all around him.


Little Ice Cream Truck
The Little Ice Cream Truck by Margery Cuyler

The Little Ice Cream Truck by Margery Cuyler. Illustrated by Bob Kolar, 2018  Ages 2-5

In this latest book in the Little Truck series, Lou and his ice cream truck travel across a diverse town delivering delicious cool treats to all kinds of kids.  Perfect for young readers’ summer sweet tooth!


Dude! by Aaron Reynolds

 Dude! by Aaron Reynolds and Dan Santat, 2018  Ages 3-6
Duuuuuude! A platypus and a beaver hit the ocean for a day of surfing an encounter a shark that surprises the two friends. Fully expect your kids to be saying "duuuuude!" all the time after reading this one.


Froggy's Lemonade Stand
Froggy's Lemonade Stand By Jonathan London

Froggy's Lemonade Stand by Jonathan London, 2018  Ages 3-5
Froggy has great plans for the money he makes from his new lemonade stand. But when Froggy drinks all the lemonade after sitting in the hot sun, it’s up to his friends to help save the business. The latest book in the Froggy series!


Teddy's Favorite Toy
Teddy's Favorite Toy by Christian Trimmer

Teddy’s Favorite Toy by Christian Trimmer. Illustrated by Madeline Valentine, 2018  Ages 4-8
Action doll Bren-Da is Teddy’s favourite toy but when the doll breaks, his mom accidentally throws it in the garbage. Mom leaps into action to recover her son’s toy. As the first picture book to feature the phrase YAAAAS QUEEN, expect to see this at many upcoming Drag Queen storytimes.


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