On Valentine's Day, Mice are Nice

February 13, 2018 | Katherine McG

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Who has one long tail, one small nose, and wants to celebrate Valentine's Day with you? This guy...

Valentine Mouse Craft (made out of pink paper)
And so do some of his friends...

Book Cover: Valentine Mice!

Valentine Mice!

By Bethany Roberts

Ages 2 - 5

The little mouse family are in a big hurry because they have so many Valentines to deliver to all of their friends. Follow along as they slip, slide and maybe even unintentionally hide, in a snowy winter woodland.


Book Cover: Mouse's First Valentine

Mouse's First Valentine

By Lauren Thompson

Ages 3 - 5

Little Mouse is very curious about what big sister Minka is up to and so he follows her all around the house as she looks for things to make a special surprise. (Valentine's Day is one of many "firsts" that Mouse experiences in Lauren Thompson's delightful series of books.)


The Day It Rained Hearts Book Cover: The Day It Rained Hearts

By Felicia Bond

Ages 4 - 7

There's only one little mouse in this Valentine's Day book about a girl who gathers up fallen hearts and thoughtfully crafts them into special gifts for her friends but the author is famous for drawing another little mouse in a well-known children's classic (and its "sequels" too!).


Estelle Takes a Bath Book Cover: Estelle Takes a Bath

By Jill Esbaum

Ages 4 - 7

It's not clear whether this story takes place on Valentine's or some other cold and snowy winter's day but it does feature a shivering mouse, a startled woman and some surprising chaos that just might end in an even more surprising friendship. 





 Book Cover: One Winter NightOne Winter Night

By Jennifer Lloyd

Ages 3 - 7

Count the mice as they venture out on the ice only to learn that the best place to be is safe and warm is together.


Book Cover: Love Always EverywhereLove Always Everywhere

By Sarah Massini

Ages 2 -4

Love isn't just for Valentine's Day. Love truly can always be found everywhere, if only you just stop and look for it. (You can also look for a teeny tiny mouse who is hiding somewhere in every picture in this very sweet book!)


And if you'd like to make your own little Valentine's Mouse, follow the simple steps in this picture outline:

Three pink paper hearts (two small and one large), three small dark pink strips of paper, and one long light pink strip of paper. Three small dark pink strips glued together to make "whiskers". Two small hearts glued one on top of the other to make an "ear". Large heart folded in half with long strip of paper glued to the back as a "tail". Completed Valentine's Mouse craft with all paper pieces glued together to look like a "mouse".
Happy Valentine's Day...from the little mice and me! :)